Client Illustration Project Stages

Every project is unique , and the beginning of one usually starts with checking for availabilty and if we're the right fit. Maybe you're new to commissioning an artist/ illustrator? For your peace of mind here's the typical overall process you can expect when working with me.

Typically sent to me, the most helpful information to include are:
    • Information about you
    • The project I am to be illustrating for and any supporting documents that you feel may help
    • Deadline
    • Number of illustrations required
    • Sizes and formats (i.e 1000px by 1000px, JPG)
    • Perhaps some art direction on the contents/main subjects of the illustration 
    • Licensing: What the illustration will be used on/in, in which country or location and how long the license to use the illustration is needed.

An illustrator is an artist that solves creative problems, so we need to create the problem statement which is called the Creative Brief. Your initial enquiry might have majority of the information that I need, if not I’ll ask for some more information. The brief is needed so as to:

a. Have clear goal for the project (what we want to achieve by the end of it)
b. Enable me to price the project and determine availability

A unique quote will be made available to you based on the requirements of your project as laid out in the creative brief.

After the price quote has been accepted, an agreement will be sent to you. The agreement includes: creative brief, schedule, licencing information and terms & conditions. A 50% deposit is also required together with acceptance of the agreement.

Based on the art direction in the creative brief, I’ll generate some rough sketches and concepts, every project is different so this might be one sketch or many. This will be presented to you via email/conference/etc. Example

After the initial sketch stage, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on the concept to be carried forward; what you should be looking at in particular is composition and layout (how big the subjects are against background, where they are positioned) clothing, expressions, mood etc. Your feedback will be consolidated and sketches tweaked in a round of revision(s).

This is where I develop the sketch into the full illustration with neater line work, colour and so on. I work digitially, in raster layers (not vector). The final work will also be presented to you for feedback.

Another opportunity to provide feedback, if any, which will then be consolidated into a round of revision (s). At this stage of the process the tweaks are expected to be minor: (i.e colour, texture, shadows) as composition, layout and subjects will have been finalised at the sketch stage.

The final artwork will then be presented for approval. Depending on the project, the remainder of the project fee is required before delivery of the high resolution artwork. After approval, the artwork will be delivered in the specified file formats (JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF etc).

After the final artwork has been delivered an invoice will be sent to you for the remaining fee, the payment terms are 14 days, only altered by a previous agreement and any agreed rights are only transfered when the invoice has been paid in full.

After the completion of a project, I ask for feedback so I can understand how you found the process of working with me and use your feedback in my strategy to streamline the client processes. After your approval/you’ve published the work, I may also share the illustration in my portfolio and social media pages.

I hope the above information has been helpful, if you have further questions or want to work with me, get in touch!

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© Copyright Tofunmi Yosola 2021 | All Rights Reserved